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29 November 2007


Bessie Manda

I found your feature to be very educative and the interesting part of it, is that you put a human face to it.


Thank you for this great commentary, which I put up on the blog of The INFO Project. We work on integrating family planning, reproductive health and HIV care.

Mr.Mugume Conrad

The Cultural/Traditional Institutions are trying to see that traditional Birth Attendants are trained in Basic health procedures in handling HIV/AIDS.Therefore thank very for your studies in this area.

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t is also clear from Nakku’s case that rural women still struggle to get the money for transport to hospitals, even when they are only a few gucci outlet

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If birth attendants were fully trained and integrated into the healthcare system, they could be equipped with better knowledge of HIV prevention and to advise women about the drugs that can help prevent their children contracting HIV. nice words

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Hard labour: stopping HIV in its tracks .Therefore thank very for your studies in this area.

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