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04 June 2007


Francis Mutazindwa

Drugs that we orally take to cure diseases like malaria, or even acaricides we use to shut down the activities of pests on our crops in the gardens, have side effects that could be harmful to the human being. Environmentalists will always protect their side of the story but what Uganda needs today is to protect the lives and health of their citizens by fighting the malaria spreading mosquitoe in the most effective way possible. Currently that way is use of DDT. Thanx to Vumiria for that out look.

Erick Kabendera

I think DDT's side effects could occur after many years of use. But the issue here is about the people who die everyday because of Malaria. In Zanzibar, people there dont need more Malaria drugs because of the effectiveness of DDT. If i can remember well, our minister for health confirmed to me in Arusha at ECSA summit that the government had returned Malaria drugs that were sent there to the mainland because the people dont need them anymore.

On the other hand, how many people in Africa settings can afford buying Malaria drugs, which the entire dose costs more than a dollar?


Malaria is still wide spread in Zanzibar. DDT is not sprayed outside of homes. I'm not sure where this information came from, but regarding Zanzibar, it is incorrect.

Paul Smith

Merci beaucoup pour votre article.

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