Make Poverty History march, Saturday 2 July 2005

  • Protestors resting after the long march
    Salamatu Turay of the Salone Times took these photos of the Make Poverty History march.

Anarchist protests, Monday 4 July 2005

  • Riot police in formation
    Salamatu went out with her camera again to try to capture some of the tense atmosphere leading up to Monday's violence.

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Sunday, 03 July 2005



i wish such a gesture of perfection could be emulated in uganda. where one does something with "affectionate passion for perfection".
Good piece for taking us where we couldnt reach--- the style.
More pliz.

Vincent Rwabushagara

Home gal, keep the stories coming.
your brilliance can still be sieved via the net.
Keep it up.

Pius Sawa

Uganda will not regret having sent you there. It is a great challenge to a Ugandan scribe who cannot dig beyond the headlines.

Anita Precious  Ocheng

good work makrine keep it up.sweet reading!!
if there were nobel prizes for online stories...definately you would not miss one.

Paul Mason

Machrine I only just read that after coming back from the G8 early because of the bombs. That is an incredibly kind description of my work: what about all the bad temper, chaos, nearly missed deadlines huh?
Anyway it was a pleasure to have you along - and to meet you all again on the demo - and I hope I can stay in touch with everybody from the Africa Vox team.

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