Make Poverty History march, Saturday 2 July 2005

  • Protestors resting after the long march
    Salamatu Turay of the Salone Times took these photos of the Make Poverty History march.

Anarchist protests, Monday 4 July 2005

  • Riot police in formation
    Salamatu went out with her camera again to try to capture some of the tense atmosphere leading up to Monday's violence.

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Thursday, 07 July 2005


Pius Sawa

John what you are experiencing is what is exactly happening here in Uganda.The attention of journalists in media houses has turned away from the G8 to the bombings. Some are of the filling that perhaps the bombings could be somewhere nearer yesterdays london winning the 2012 olyimpics hosting while others agree with the prime minister Tony Blair that they are coinciding with the G8 summit.

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